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Natural Mel is here for you if something is not right.

1. Contacting the Seller of your order

Each seller on Natural Mel is an independent business, therefore return and exchange policies may differ with each seller. If you have any queries regarding an order, please contact the seller of your order. The name of your Seller is included on your order and every seller has their customer contact details on their profile page.

2. Contact Natural Mel

If for any reason the seller is unable to help with your order, please contact Natural Mel directly. We will investigate the issue, and act as mediator if necessary. Contact: support@naturalmel.com

Returns and Exchanges

Please note, each seller has their own return, refund, and exchange policy that they manage themselves. You will need check the seller’s page or contact them directly to determine if your item.

If you have an item you would like to return or exchange, please contact the seller in the first instance.

If they accept returns, you will need to confirm where to send the item, who is responsible for the return shipping charges, and which shipping company to use. If the seller doesn’t accept returns or refunds, you can contact us directly, and we will help to investigate the issue.

A couple of examples when Natural Mel might be able to help regarding an order; your item did not arrive, the item wasn’t as described in the listing, or the seller did not reply to you within 14 days.

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