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A short story about Mel our black cat.

Living in a beautiful village by the Norfolk Broads, there once lived a black cat. Her name was Mel.

It was a hot summers day, and the sun was shining brightly in the blue sky, Mel, the cat was getting restless at home and thought, “why shouldn’t I go out for a walk, through the woods and then onto the broads.

She came out of her house and strolled briskly across the back garden lawn towards the farmers field beyond.

There was a slight buzzing sound that got a little bit louder as be grossed the grass - “buzz-buzz-buzz”

She stopped, then looked around and saw that that she was approaching a beehive. One of the bees buzzed towards her and asked, “Hi – buzz, where are you going?”

Mel replied, “I’m off to the broads to see the boats sailing, would you like to come?”

The bee said, “I would love too, I have been working hard collecting nectar all day and could be with a rest by the water”.

Both Mel and the bee set of past the beehive and into the farms field.

As they cross the field with bee buzzing a little bit ahead of Mel, a big red fox suddenly stopped in front of them. The fox said, “what are you doing in my field?”

Mel and bee were scared, and replied, “were heading through those woods and onto the boards”.

The fox, thought for a moment, and said that, that sounded like a wonderful idea, I live in those woods, and I am heading that way home now, I shall come with you”.

Now both the bee and the fox accompanied Mel through the woods and towards the broads.

They were halfway through the woods, then all of a sudden, the fox whispered “stop!”. Mel asked, “what’s happening, why are we stopping?”.

The fox said, “please wait, I hear something”. Just then three tiny red faces popped through the grass just in front of them. “Hay! Papa!” All three shouted with joy.

It was the foxes three little cubs, they said they had heard them approaching and came to see who it was. Fox was very please to see them, and said “I’m almost home now, so I’m going to leave you and play with my children”.

Mel and the bee were happy, and now they could continue on their way to the broads.

Mel said “thank you” to the fox for showing the way through the woods

Fox said, “you’re welcome, enjoy your day by the water”.

The two of them, set off the broads and finally reached the waters edge. At the broads, they enjoyed watching the boats sail past and dipping their feet into the cool water. They played all day and ate yummy honey for lunch, that the bee brought with her.

Soon the sun started stetting and they know it was time to head back home.

As they made their way back though the woods and famers field, they could see the beautiful red and orange colours of the sun as it set though the trees, it was wonderful.

When they arrived back at the bee’s hive, Mel said “thank you for coming with me to the broads, I had such a lovely time with you and you honey was so sweet and delicious”.

The bee said, “I had a wonderful day too, thank you for inviting me, next time you go please come by my hive and I you can have more honey for your lunch as I have more than I need”.

Mel was very happy, she had the prefect day by the water, met two new friends, the bee and the fox, and eat the sweetest honey she had ever tasted.

If you would like to taste the sweetness of the honey that Mel ate by the broads, you can, as Mel gave us a few jars, it is called “Black Cat Honey”, but you must be quick as there are only a few, as Mel only visits the bee on hot summer days.

By, James Bailey

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